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Thesis Work

Thesis Work
2010, Hans Kunkell, Sound transmission through a high-speed train roof
2010, Hyun Doo Ahn, Predicting breakout noise in silencers with double shell structures
2010, Rafael Veloso, An investigation into the passive acoustic effect of an automotive turbocharger compressor
2010, Armin Eslami, Investigation of non-linear acousticproperties of perforates
2010, Vanya Stanisavljevic, Modal analysis of a stripped body-in-white truck chassis
2010, Peter Bournobuke, Low frequency noise from wind turbines
2010, Per Lindkvist, Lågfrekvent buller från vindkraftverk
2009, Mohammad Afzal, Flexible mounting system design, theory and practice
2009, Johan Eed-Jonsson, Utvärdering av skadeanalysmetoder för växellådor
2009, Joakim Dahlborn, Mätning och modellering av motorupphängning på lastbil
2009, Jan Pons Nowocin, Acoustic camera-a case study of a new measurement method
2009, Michael Morge and Henrik Pers, Experimental analysis of acousticsource parameters and silencer designapplied on pneumatic pistol grip drills
2009, Erik Frenne, Vibrationsanalys av drivlineupphängning i buss
2009, Suwart Mert, Designing an enclosure with acustimet(Micro-slotted panel)
2008, Anders Nordström, A design for six sigma approach to increase vehicle robustness against road-induced
2008, Eric Varhos, Enhanced capability of linear acoustic simulations
2008, Christophe Van der Kelen, Acoustic loading on perforated panels(modeling and experiments)
2008, Jia Sun, Active noise control of car interior noise
2008, Panhaj Singh, Implementation of an analytical model to predict the noise radiated by a centrifugal compressor:numerical validationof analystical models
2008, Filip Stenlund, Acoustic modelling of radiated exterior noise from a truck using BEM

Examples of areas in which to conduct a theis are shown in the figures.

Road/tyre noise
Road/tyre noise
Sound insulation of fast trains
Sound insulation of fast trains
Fan noise
Fan noise
Transmission noise
Transmission noise
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