Siwei Liu

Siwei Liu
Siwei Liu

Your background, previous education before you came to KTH?

I got my bachelor's degree in Mechanics at Zhongshan University, China.

Why did you choose to come to Sweden and KTH and to study Sound and Vibration?

My two cousins were graduated at KTH and they are very excellent now. Sound and vibration was a new field for me but related to Mechanics, so I applied.

Any comments or feedback on the Master Programme in Sound and Vibration?

In the first semester, maybe some more theory on acoustics should been taught before the experiment course. It was only later I understood what I did in these experiments.

A short description of your present job and what kind work you do.

As a SIM-VIA2 student, I am now at AVL, Austria as a trainee at the department for Advanced Simulations Technologies and work with development of AVL BOOST. In the meanwhile, if I like, I can carry out PhD studies and get a PhD degree in three years.

Please comment on the use you have had of your MSc degree in Sound and Vibration in your career after graduating from KTH.

With the knowledge from my studies at KTH, it was very easy to start working in the field. The basic theory is very classic and been used widely which also means the KTH is a top university in the acoustic field. All the cooperation and projects which were done with big companies during my masters studies at KTH, are a big advantage for my career. I would like to recommend KTH to everybody.

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