Lubos Hudec

Lubos Hudec
Lubos Hudec

Your background, previous education before you came to KTH?

BA in physics from Colby college in Maine, USA.

Why did you choose to come to Sweden and KTH and to study Sound and Vibration?

1. Interesting country, that I had not visited before, with highly valued educational system - proved to be right.

2. I chose KTH without much reason - wanted to be in Stockholm as a big city and thought KTH would be the best choice in Sweden without knowing much about the schools available - that offered acoustics.

3. Sound and vibration: interesting field using physics, attracted my interests because it was connected to music that I had also studied previously, seemed to be highly appreciated by the job market in the Czech Republic (proved to be right).

Any comments or feedback on the Master Programme in Sound and Vibration?

Maybe I should not say this but I would prefer to do more work - take 2 years rather than just 1.5. Otherwise, I loved it, it was very practical, to the point, connected to industry - everything I expected of good education. The labs/practical work were much more useful in my career than any lecture.

A short description of your present job and what kind work you do.

I will disappoint you but I have left the field of vibroacoustics just 3 months ago. I started working for an insurance company in the field of IT/financial application.

Please comment on the use you have had of your MSc degree in Sound and Vibration in your career after graduating from KTH.

The MSc degree from KTH had a great value in the Czech Republic but also in the USA. I was offered a couple jobs immediately upon graduating, for above average salary. I chose to stay at Honeywell, turbocharging, as a vibroacoustic engineer. The job was excellent and felt just like continuation of the MSc. I would use at least 50% of what I had studied on a daily basis. Even upon changing the field, the degree was still well accepted across the market. The most useful courses I needed for my job were signal analysis, acoustic measurements and flow acoustics.

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