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The Swedish academic year starts in late August and ends in early June. The courses are organized through lectures, workshops and often projects and laboratory assignments. They require a considerable amount of individual effort. Students will, through the NINA cooperation, have the opportunity to also take elective courses from the Chalmers Sound and Vibration programme and at NTNU.

Course list for the Sound and Vibration track in Engineering Mechanics

Basic courses (if similar courses are not included in the Bachelor’s degree)

SD1115 Fundamentals of Noise and Vibration Control (or SD1120 Noise and Vibration Control)

SD1115 Course web

SD1115 Additional information

SD2130 Signal Analysis

SD2130 Course web

SD2130 Additional information

Compulsory courses

AK2030 Theory and Methodology of Science

AK2030 Course web

AK2030 Additional information

SG2128 Research Methodology in Engineering Mechanics

SG2128 Course web

SG2128 Additional information

SD2140 Vibro-Acoustic

SD2140 Course web

SG2140 Additional information

SD2155 Flow Acoustics

SD2155 Course web

SD2155 Additional information

Elective pool courses (at least one must be selected)

SE2132 Applied Elasticity with FEM

SE2132 Course web

SE2132 Additional information

SG2860 FEM Modeling

SG2860 Course web

SG2860 Additional information

SE2126 Material Mechanics

SE2126 Course web

SE2126 Additional information

SG2215 Compressible Flow

SG2215 Course web

SG2215 Additional information

SE2123 Testing Techniques in Solid Mechanics

SE2123 Course web

SE2123 Additional information

SG2211 Vehicle Aerodynamics

SG2211 Course web

Courses in Sound and Vibration

Year 1

Term 1

  • SD2165 Acoustical measurements
  • SD2130 Signal Analysis / SD2125 Signals and Mechanical Systems
  • SD2140 Vibro-acoustics

Term 2

  • SD2140 Vibro-acoustics (continued)
  • SD2150 Experimental structure dynamics
  • SD2155 Flow acoustics
  • SD2170 Energy methods
  • SD2175 Numerical methods for acoustics and vibration

Year 2

Term 1

  • SD2180 Non-linear acoustics
  • SD2190 Vehicle acoustics and vibration

Term 2

  • SD210X
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