• Three crowded days on resource efficient vehicles

    Publicerad 2019-12-06

    Three full days of lectures and workshop activities was held on 2-4 December 2019, completing the course "ECO2logy: Ecology and economy in vehicle des...

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  • Susann Boij awarded the KTH Pedagogical Prize for 2019

    Photo: Fredrik Persson
    Publicerad 2019-12-04

    Susann Boij, Associate Professor and Head of the Aeronautical Engineering Programme at the School of Engineering Sciences, and also member of the Cen...

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  • ECO2logy: Ecology and economy in vehicle design

    Publicerad 2019-09-12

    The Centre for ECO2 Vehicle Design offers a 6.0 credit course for doctoral students on  the challenges and opportunities involved in sustainable vehi...

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  • Open Position: PhD student

    Publicerad 2019-07-24

    The Centre for ECO2 Vehicle Design is now looking for a PhD-student in Driving simulator development to enable evaluation of future innovative vehicle...

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  • Interview: Johan Nygren

    Publicerad 2019-06-19

    Johan Nygren is a new PhD student at the Centre for ECO² Vehicle Design, starting January 2019. We asked Johan some questions on his research at the c...

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  • Interview: Tural Tunay

    Publicerad 2019-06-04

    Tural Tunay currently holds a position as postdoc researcher at the Centre for ECO² Vehicle Design. He earned his PhD degree from Çukurova University ...

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  • Spring Workshop in Eskilstuna

    Publicerad 2019-05-16

    In order to meet and share knowledge and insight on vehicle research and design, the annual Spring Workshop (Vårsmedjan, or Spring Forge) gathered 40 ...

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  • Centre partner acquired

    Publicerad 2019-05-15

    Centre partner Creo Dynamics has been acquired by industry giant Faurecia. They will change name to Faurecia Creo and continue as a separate business ...

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  • Interview with Josef Schöggl

    Publicerad 2019-05-06
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  • Interview: Johan Stenson, Volvo Cars

    Publicerad 2019-02-22

    We took a minute with Johan Stenson, Volvo Cars and new board member at ECO2 Vehicle Design and listened to his thoughts on the Centre and on vehicle ...

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  • New board member

    Publicerad 2019-02-15
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  • TILLSATT |Forskningsassistent/doktorand inom däck och vägfriktion

    Publicerad 2018-07-08

    Du har en civilingenjörsutbildning eller motsvarande med inriktning mot mekanik, fysik, systemteknik, reglerteknik eller farkostteknik.

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  • Så blev konflikter motorn för multidisciplinär fordonsforskning

    Henrik Tengstrand, tidigare ordförande för centret Eco2 Vehicle Design
    Publicerad 2018-05-22

    Efter nära 14 år med ECO2 Vehicle Design slutar Henrik Tengstrand som styrelseledamot, varav fem år som centrets styrelseordförande. Vi stämde träff i...

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