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Magnus Juhlin, Assessment of Crosswind performance of Buses (2009)

Anders Lindström, In-plane Compressive Response of Sandwich Panels (2009)

Chris Cameron, Design of Multifunctional Body Panels for Conflicting Structural and Acoustic Requirements in Automotive Applications (2011)

Adam Rehnberg, Suspension design for off-road construction machines (2011)

Niclas Winkler, Coupling aerodynamics to vehicle dynamics simulations in transient crosswinds (2011)

Tristan Favre, Aerodynamics simulations of ground vehicles in unsteady crosswind (2011)

Martin Östberg, Modelling tools for quiter vehicles: Waves in poro- and visco-elastic continua (2012) .

Sathish Kumar Ramanathan, Sound transmission properties of honeycomb panels and double-walled structures (2012)

Eleonora Lind Nordgren, A study of tailoring acoustic porous material properties when designing lightweight multilayered vehicle panels (2012)

David Wennberg, Multi-Functional Composite Design Concepts for Rail Vehicle Car bodies (2013)

Dirk Thomas, On Rail Vehicle Dynamics in Unsteady Crosswind Conditions: Studies Related to Modelling, Model Validation and Active Suspension (2013)

Christof Schneider, Recyclable self-reinforced ductile fiber composite materials for structural applications (2015)

Anna Färm, Absorption of Sound: On the effects of field interaction on absorber performance (2016)

Rickard Österlöf, Modelling the viscoplastic properties of carbon black filled rubber (2016)

Sofia Poulikidou, Assessing design strategies for improved life cycle environmental performance of vehicles (2016)

Oskar Lundberg, On the influence of surface roughness on rolling contact forces (2016)

Juan Pablo Parra Martinez, On multilayered system dynamics and waves in anisotropic poroelastic media (2016)

Mohammad Mehdi Davari, A tyre model for energy studies in vehicle dynamics simulations (2015)

Lars Jerpdal, Processing of self-reinforced poly(ethylene terephthalate) composites for automotive applications (2017)

Nicolas Pignier, Sound propagation from sustainable ground vehicles: from aeroacoustic sources to urban noise (2015)

Anders Rynell, An experimental and numerical study of an automotive cooling module (2017)

Johan Hammar, A Wave Expansion Method for Aeroacoustic Propagation (2016)

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