• Eva Lundberg, ECO2 Vehicle Design
    Interview: Eva Lundberg
    23 sep 2020
    Eva Lundberg joined the Centre for ECO2 Vehicle Design when she started her PhD-studies in 2012, as a part time student at the Marcus Wallenberg Labor...
  • Robert Jonsson, research engineer at ECO2 Vehicle Design
    Robert Jonsson joins ECO2
    4 sep 2020
    The Centre has a new research engineer.
  • Open position: Doctoral student
    22 jun 2020
    The Centre is now looking for a PhD candidate who will be studying subsystem dependencies during vehicle concept formulation.

Organising research towards resource efficient vehicles: Considering the wider vehicles-transport system when designing resource efficient vehicles, there will inevitably be complexity involved. In ECO2 the projects have been clustered with this in mind. Listen to Ciarán O'Reilly describe this in the video below.

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