Ship dynamics

Accidents where ships have experienced large roll motions and even capsized have emphasized the need for improved knowledge regarding ship dynamics and intact stability. To meet this need the KTH Centre for Naval Architecture and the two companies Wallenius Marine and Seaware have established a joint research program on ship dynamics.

Finnbirch capsizing as a consequence of loss of stability and cargo shifting in following seas

The overall aim with this research program is to contribute to improving ship safety, on-board working conditions,  transport quality and transport efficiency, with respect to ship dynamics. The activities for example include development of

  • simulation methods;
  • methods and tools for on-board operational guidance and active control of ship motions;
  • experimental methods for ship dynamics assessments;
  • design methods and criteria;

and application of these methods, tools and criteria in incident analysis, ship assessments and design studies.

The program is contributing to the development of the Second Generation Intact Stability Criteria by supporting the Swedish Transport Agency within the IMO and has also contributed to the establishment of the international  Stability Research and Development Committee (SRDC) and the web forum for dialogue and knowledge exchange.

The program is financially supported by the Swedish Mercantile Marine Foundation (Stiftelsen Sveriges Sjömanshus) and the Swedish Maritime Administration (Sjöfartsverket).

For more information please contact Anders Rosén,

Aim and activities for the ship dynamics research program
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