Master Thesis

SD271X Master Thesis in Naval Architecture


All students in the program must perform an independent study in the form of a thesis project corresponding to 30 university credits. To begin the thesis project, a student must have completed at least 60 university credits of the total course work including at least two of the three compulsory courses in the chosen profile. The purpose of the thesis project is that the student should demonstrate the ability to perform independent project work, using and developing the knowledge and skills obtained from the courses in the program. The thesis project can either be performed at a university or, more commonly, at a company in the naval architecture sector or in the sector of the chosen profile with suitable infrastructure to provide sufficient supervision and resources for the project. The student must actively search for a suitable thesis project in industry; however KTH will provide some assistance with information on suitable points of contact. Exchange students are recommended to find a thesis project in their country of permanent residence or in the country where they intend to start their professional careers.

Course plan

Application for Master of Science theis project

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