Flow Acoustics

Research activities and interests

  • Characterization of fluid machines (fans, IC-engines,..)
  • Interior aero-acoustics (flow generated noise in ducts)
  • Modelling of various duct elements, silencers, liners etc.
  • Software for analysing sound in complex duct networks (SID)
  • Experimental techniques


Flow-acoustic coupling at sharp edges in ducts


Sound Engineering for Air Craft - SEFA

Sound from sea based wind turbines - TRANS

Masking of sound from wind turbines - MASK

Quieter surface transport in urban areas - SILENCE

Using liners to reduce the noise of aircraft jet engines

Modelling of inlet/outlet noise from turbo-charged diesel engines - ARTEMIS

  • Modelling of silencers for gasturbines (ALSTOM)


Professor Mats Åbom

Associate Professor Hans Bodén

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