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Bachelor thesis in Lightweight Structures

The Bachelor’s thesis project in Lightweight Structures is an introduction to the subject and a hands-on experience of working with composite materials.
A potential new product built from composite materials or a new type of composite material is investigated in the project. The investigation can comprise market analysis, aspects of dimensioning, choice of materials and manufacturing method, economic feasibility studies and commercialization plans. Some type of experimental investigation of suitable manufacturing methods and/or mechanical properties is also included.
The topic is chosen with regard to current trends in the use of composite materials. Among recent topics are investigations of mechanical properties and manufacturing aspects of bio-based composite materials and of composite materials based on basalt fibres.

The theoretical part of the project is covered by following the lectures in the course SD2414, Fibre Composites; materials and manufacturing. This course covers different types of composite materials, manufacturing methods, basic analysis methods, health aspects and Life Cycle perspectives.

The bio-based Shell ECO Marathon car “Aurora”, built by students using biological materials based on the investigation made in a Bachelor’s thesis project in Lightweight Structures 2008.
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