Flight Loads from Simulation

The intention of this project is to extend flight simulation models with additional states representing structural deformations. Using the time history results obtained from the simulation, aerodynamic and inertial loads acting on the structure can then be reconstructed for every instant of the flight simulated.


David Eller, PhD

Prof. Ulf Ringertz

By including structural states in flight simulations, the accuracy of the aerodynamic model used for simulation can be improved over the conventional approach of aeroelastically corrected coefficients. Furthermore, the time history of the flexible aircraft state can be used as input to a load reconstruction procedure, which, in the end, should be able to provide structural strain data from a finite-element solution.


This project is conducted in collaboration with Saab Aerosystems under the framework of the fifth Swedish Aeronautics Research Program (NFFP-5), financed by Vinnova, The Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems.

Tillhör: Aeronautical & Vehicle Engineering
Senast ändrad: 2009-10-07