Completed M.Sc. Theses at KTH Vehicle Dynamics



Markus Svensson:
Optimization of vehicle performance in an urban range of use. BMW AG.

Mattias Löfblad and Cedric Nyberg:
Steering feel in a real-time vehicle simulator. Haldex Traction.

Niels-Peter Rasmussen:
Investigation of heavy-vehicle brake path deviation using Adams/Car – Simulink co-simulations. Scania CV AB.

Joel Pantzar och Viktor Huggare:
1-D transient simulation of a diesel engine cooling system. Volvo AB.

Stefan Karlsson:
A test method for vehicle mobility. Scania CV AB.

Erik Danielsson:
The Dynamic Stability of Long Articulated Modular Vehicle Combinations Examined by Simulation. Volvo AB.

Georg Baumgartner:
Experimental investigation on transverse injection of fuel into the supersonic flow in a model combustor. In cooperation with Technische Universität München.


Gustav Kjellin:
Interactive driver model for dynamic simulations of a hauler. Volvo CE.

Tomas Kling and Daniel Shanazari:
Estimation of cornering stiffness coefficients and relaxation length for single-track model. Haldex AB.

Jonas Billberg and Andreas Douhan:
Driver/vehicle interaction at limit handling - Overview of driver warning strategies for critical cornering manoeuvres. Saab Automobile.

Josef Kim:
Development and FEM calculations of a driver's seat for trucks. Scania CV AB.

Johan Svensson:
Design of a portable steering wheel angle measurement system. KTH Vehicle Dynamics.

Alfred Dahlberg and Gurdeep Sapra:
Temperature estimator for an AWD clutch. Saab Automobile.

Ermal Hatipi:
Description of tire models and validation of vehicle models of different levels of complexity in Adams. KTH Vehicle Dynamics.

Rasmus Fredlund:
Optimization of an Internal Combustion Engine Model for Investigation of Start/Stop Behavior using Dymola. Modelon AB.

Christoffer Persson:
An engine start/stop strategy for a Hybrid city bus. Scania CV AB.

Tomas Nilsson and Johannes Stolth:
Warm-up of Truck’s Gooling System. Scania CV AB.

Anton Axling:
GT-Fuel Simulation: Common Rail System. Volvo CE.

Jacob Öhman:
Modelling and verification of a Lithium-ion battery model in a battery monitoring unit. Scania CV AB.

Henrik Schauman:
The Termoelectric Generator – An Analysis of Seebeck-based Waste Heat Recovery In a Scania R-series Truck. Scania CV AB.

Marcus Idbrant and Richard Curbo:
Ride Height Control and Active Damping of a Hyrdopneumatic Suspension System on SEP 8x8 Modular Vehicle System. BAE Systems Hägglunds.


Fredrik Klintz:
Gearchanging strategies using road preview information. Scania CV AB.

Emil Lundgren:
Kvantifiering av motorvibrationer i lastbilshytt. Scania CV AB.

Peter Molin and Jesper Larsson:
Modelling of A40E FS Hauler Suspension.

Daniel Qvist:
Dynamic Stability Evaluation and Modelling of a Forklift Pallet Stacker Using ADAMS.

Jimmy Adis and Elias Yanko:
Modelling, Simulation and Analysis of Hydro Pneumatic Suspension for a Wheel Loader.

Roberto Torres:
Soil-bucket interaction – A new approach. Volvo CE.

Henning Olsson:
Optimization of non-linear race car damper characteristics. Öhlins.

Joaquin Baez:
Vibration reduction in forwarders. Skogforsk.

Per Arnelöf:
Measurement and identification of drag losses in a gear box. Scania CV AB.

Per Johansson:
Active Suspension System Functions for Improved Vehicle Handling and Ride Quality. Modelon AB.

Henrik Gunsell:
Analysis and Perception of Situational Function Boundaries for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. Audi AG.

Pelle Windestam:
Simulation of power saving potential for auxiliary units in heavy commercial vehicles. Scania CV AB.


Christer Halling: Implementation of Internal Heat Sources for Infrared Signature Prediction of Ground Vehicle. FOI.

Niklas Philipson: Extension of a tool for vehicle dynamics studies to handle heavy vehicle configurations.

Jakob Jensen and Oscar Bergström:
Implementation, Testing and Analysis of Steer-by-wire in a military passenger vehicle.

Henrik Holgersson and Rickard Unnerbäck:
Real time monitoring of a diesel engine with subsystems.

Josè Manuel Sala De Rafael:
Development of an On-line Ride Comfort Evaluation Tool.

Simon Decaye:
Vehicle Dynamics Modelling of Wheel Loaders. KTH Vehicle Dynamics.

Anders Zakrisson and Peter Andersson:
Potential Benefits of Hybrid Technology in Long Haulage. Scania CV AB.

Magnus Eriksson and Johannes Edrén:
"Hjulius" - A radio controlled 1:10 scale articulated test vehicle for vehicle dynamic studies. KTH Vehicle Dynamics.

Joseph Ah-King:
Centre of Gravity Height Estimation of Heavy Vehicles. Scania CV AB.

Martin Kwarnmark:
Identification and minimization of unwanted losses in Scanias retarder. Scania CV AB.

Daniel Viklund:
Transport analysis - Calculation methods for fuel consumption. Scania CV AB.


Magnus Eklund and Matilda Pettersson-Hallnor:
Potentials and Limits of Vehicle Performance Prediction - by Means of Simulation.

Matay Lahdo and Lavdim Peci:
Driveline simulations Design and modelling of mechanical and diesel electrical power train with hybridization propulsion.

Christoffer Engqvist and Gustaf Råhlander:
Evaluation of rollover characteristics of an assault vehicle during harsh manoeuvres. Rikspolisstyrelsen.

Joakim Zakrisson:
Concept study of modified suspension designed to understeer.

Joakim Widén:
Commercial Vehicle Rollover Prediction Tool for rollover estimation of trucks. Scania CV.

Magnus Lindgren:
Investigation and Implementation of an Optimization Method for Control Allocation in Vehicles. BMW.

Maher Kass Kawo and Magnus Degerstedt:
Modelling and Simulation of Dynamic Stability Control Systems for Six and Eight Wheeled Vehicles. BAE Systems Hägglunds.

Robert Johansson:
Model of a potential STCC – car; Dynamic comparison of Volvo S60 and S40. Polestar Racing.

Peter Johansson and David Angervall:
Optimizing energy management and component sizing of hybrid powertrain. Volvo Car Corporation.

Daniel Viklund:
Transport Analysis - Calculation Methods for Fuel Consumption.


Johan Eriksson and Mattias Eriksson:
Bus simulatin enhancements and parameter study in ADAMS

Mikael Karlström:
Health effect of road humps - spinal effect on bus drivers

Jonas Sandström:
Development of rubber bushing model and parameterization procedure using non linear elements and fractional derivatives

Jonatan Elnäs:
Light weight vehicle handling dynamics

Peter Bonde and Daniel Malmqvist:
Simulation of semi-active damping of a tracked vehicle

Johan Thunmarker:
Documentation and evaluation of a model based testing tool and investigation of ride spring stiffness' influence on roll behaviour


Markus Thulin and Fredrik Asp:
Rapid Heavy Vehicle Assembly and Simulation in ADAMS

Anna Elgström and Henrik Ebbinger:
Stochastic crash simulation

Peder Wiegurd:
Calibration tool development

Ulf Nilsson:
Ride quality in ambulances - modelling and model validation

Adam Theander:
Design of a Suspension for a Formula Student Race Car

Daniel Raftö:
A simulation model for full trailer vehicle dynamics evaluation

Daniel Lindgren:
Dynamic modelling of sway behavior in passenger car trailers - specially the coming through brake enhancement device

Per-Johan Jansson:
Driveline modelling for differint vehicle combinations for simulation in ADAMS

Patrik Ederstål:
Utveckling av ethernetbaserad OBD-analysator


Magnus Lahti:
Modelling rubber bushings: using non-linear elastic force, friction and fractonal derivatives

Carl Stålfors:
Synchronising and load sharing of diesel engines via controller area network

Gustav Willén:
Innovative Testsysteme für die experimentelle Funktionsprüng in der Fahrwerksentwicklung

Erik Björnwall and Anders Spets:
Coming Through Retriever - Modelling of Lateral Stability and Longitudinal Motion

Tuomas Ollilainen:
Development of a real time heavy vehicle brake system model

Pontus Kihlsten and Thomas Björnelund:
Evaluation of yaw stability algorithms for heavy vehicle combinations


Marcus Agebro and Mats Beckman:
A study of vehicle related parameters influencing the initial phase of ramp rollovers

Pär Krantz:
Development of a driver model for race car applications

Anders Qvarnström:
Simulation of crosswind stability of buses

Marcus Helgesson:
Modelling and simulation of steering wheel angular vibrations induced during braking

Torbjörn Gustavsson:
GPS-aided inertial navigation

Magnus Ahl:
Fuel savings due to intelligent compressor control of trucks

Stefan Hillström:
Aerodynamishe Auslegung und Optimerung eines Bremsflugels

Magnus Mattisson:
Möjligheter att gå över från ugns- till restvärmesanlöpning av vevaxlar


Fredrik Lindström:
Evaluation methods for shock absorber optimisation

Johan Andreasson:
HEV driving dynamics - concept evaluation by simulation

Robert Harju and Robert Gutgesell:
Brake pad wear simulation in commercial vehicle applications

Geir Lindblad:
Design of a portable force- and position- measurement equipment for accelerator pedals

Peter Ljungdahl:
Simulation of a Porsche sports car crosswind behaviour

Andreas Löhrke:
GPS-aided inertial navigation

Fredrik Ling:
Handling issues in semi-active roll control


Jan Dersjö:
Acceptance Criteria for Torque Step Response

Martin Brolund:
Optimisation of race car gearing using specific race track parameters

Magnus Gens:
Moose Crash Test Dummy

Javad Kashi and Keiwan Kashi:
Virtual and Software Rapid Prototyping

Malin Kjellberg:
Homologation Calculations and Brake System Design of a Koenigsegg CC

Erik Lönnqvist:
A Physical Model and an Experimental Comparison of Characteristics of a High Performance Damper

Andreas Rindeskär:
Development of In-Vehicle Data Acquisition System

Alexandra Videlund:
Commercial Vehicle Rollover - Measurement, Calculation and Validation

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