Daniel Wanner, Ph.D. Student

Daniel Wanner graduated in industrial engineering (Diplom Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen Fachrichtung Maschinenbau)  from RWTH Aachen University, Germany in 2010. Currently, he is working as a Ph.D. student in KTH Vehicle Dynamics. His main research interests include dynamics of chassis systems and fault tolerance of hybrid electric vehicles.


Primarily assigned to the research project "Fault-Tolerant Over-Actuated Hybrid- and Electric Vehicles" within the Swedish Hybrid Vehicle Center ( SHC ). The scope of the project is to analyze electric and other faults occurring in hybrid electric and pure electric vehicles and accommodate these with appropriate control strategies.


  • SD2225 Ground Vehicle Dynamics (responsible for all exercises, labs and projects)
  • SD2221 Vehicle System Technology (responsible for power train assignment)
  • Faculty Advisor for KTH Formula Student , Formula Student Team.


  • D. Wanner, J. Edrén, O. Wallmark, M. Jonasson, L. Drugge and A. Stensson Trigell, "Fault-Tolerant Control of Electric Vehicles with In-Wheel Motors through Tyre-Force Allocation", in proceedings of the 11th International Symposium on Advanced Vehicle Control, 2012. ( link to publication )

All publications by Daniel Wanner in DiVA

Supervised M.Sc. and B.Sc. Theses

  • S. Blaszykowski, "Modeling and implementation of a torque vectoring system in a formula student racing car", KTH Master Thesis, Summer 2012.
  • G. Jayakumar, "Modeling and Analysis of Fault Conditions in a Vehicle with Four In-Wheel Motors", KTH Master Thesis, Summer 2012.
  • J. Hag, "Wheel Corner Modules: Technology and Concept Analysis", KTH Master Thesis, 2010. ( link to thesis )
  • T. Johansson, "Utvärdering, validering och minimering av färdmotstånd hos Spiros ’11", KTH Bachelor Thesis, Spring 2011.


Office: Teknikringen 8, Room 3305,  Floor 1.5
Phone: +46-8-790 78 05
Mail: dwanner@kth.se

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