Ying Guo

Ying Guo
Ying Guo

Your background, previous education before you came to KTH?

I studied IC-Engines in college.

Why did you choose to come to Sweden and KTH and to study Sound and Vibration?

My bachelor's degree project was about acoustics and I found the subject quite interesting. I chose Sweden and KTH because I mixed up Switzerland with Sweden. In Chinese these two words are very similar. I found KTH this way, and found that the program contained exactly what I wanted to study. That is why I chose KTH.

Any comments or feedback on the Master Programme in Sound and Vibration?

In general the courses were well organized. At least I had no problem with it. The projects included in some courses are very helpful to understand the courses, for example, the Experimental Structure Dynamics course.

A short description of your present job and what kind work you do.

I am a PhD student, doing the project in a company.

Please comment on the use you have had of your MSc degree in Sound and Vibration in your career after graduating from KTH.

Since I am doing research in the field of duct acoustics, it is obvious that what I am doing now is quite connected with the MSc degree.

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