17th Nordic Seminar on Railway Technology

17th Nordic Seminar on Railway Technology, Tammsvik Herrgård, 3-4 October 2012


Wednesday 3 October


Registration, coffee&sandwich 09.30-10.20 in Reception building


Plenary session 10.30-12.15 in Mälarhallen (Chair: Mats Berg, KTH)



Introduction. Sebastian Stichel, KTH Railway Group (pdf 322 kB)



Gröna Tåget - samarbete för nästa generations snabbtåg. Evert Andersson, KTH (pdf 5.5 MB)


Simplifid x-acceptance authorisation of rail vehicles through European database. (pdf 332 kB)


 Stefan Sollander, Transportstyrelsen



Railway operations in Sweden and Japan - Similarities and differences with a particular focus on (pdf 2.3 MB)


 wheel/rail deterioration. Motohide Matsui, RTRI; Anders Ekberg & Roger Lundén, Chalmers (pdf 4.4 MB)


Lunch 12.20-13.20 in Herrgården


Parallel sessions 13.30-15.10 in Reception building


Room Nick

Room Jenny

Room Krister


Chair: Hugo von Bahr, Interfleet Technology

Chair: Björn Paulsson, Trafikverket

Chair: Stefan Sollander, Transportstyrelsen


Numerical studies of the influence of laterally deteriorated track geometry on track shift forces and RCF in freight operations. Kalle Karttunen & Elena Kabo & Anders Ekberg, Chalmers (pdf 964 kB)

Prediction of wheel profile wear and rolling contact fatigue for the Stockholm commuter train. Babette Dirks & Roger Enblom, KTH (pdf 988 kB)

Link and effect model for performance improvement of railway infrastructure. Christer Stenström & Aditya Parida & Diego Galar & Uday Kumar, LTU (pdf 592 kB)


Assessment of track geometry quality: Requirements based on TSIs, EN standards and National regulations. Martin Li, Trafikverket (pdf 982 kB)

Rail corrugation growth on small radius curves. Peter Torstensson, Chalmers (pdf 1.9 MB)

Fran-Scan hi-cube intermodal corridor (G2, P/C 450). Hans Boysen, KTH (pdf 3.6 MB)


Optimum track quality inspections & Preventive tamping interval. Stephen Famurewa & Iman Arasteh Khouy, LTU; Tao Xin, Beijing Jiaotong University; Alireza Ahmadi & Uday Kumar, LTU (pdf 701 kB)

Evaluation of material deterioration of rails subjected to RCF using x-ray diffraction. Motohide Matsui, RTRI (pdf 3.4 MB)

Using simulators in railway education. Jerker Sundström, Trafikverket (pdf 4.2 MB)


Track geometry degradation in Swedish heavy haul railroad. Iman Arasteh Khouy, LTU; Per-Olof Larsson-Kråik & Arne Nissen, Trafikverket; Uday Kumar, LTU (pdf 5.4 MB)

The effect of anisotropy on crack propagation in pearlitic rail steel. Nasim Larijani & Jim Brouzoulis & Martin Schilke & Magnus Ekh, Chalmers (pdf 5.7 MB)

STEG+CATO: The beginning of a new era within traffic control. Martin Joborn, Transrail (pdf 1.2 MB)


Coffee 15.10-15.40 in Reception building


Parallel sessions 15.40-17.20 in Reception building


Room Nick

Room Jenny

Room Krister


Chair: Viktor Berbyuk, Chalmers

Chair: Li Jubner, Interfleet Technology

Chair: Kjell Arne Skoglund, SINTEF


The track-friendly high-speed bogie developed within Gröna Tåget. Anneli Orvnäs & Evert Andersson & Sebastian Stichel, KTH; Rickard Persson, Bombardier Transportation (pdf 667 kB)

A three-dimensional numerical model for impact forces due to wheel flats. Astrid Pieringer & Wolfgang Kropp, Chalmers (pdf 2.5 MB)

Settlement measurements of turnouts in Swedish railway infrastructure. Jens Jönsson & Iman Arasteh Khouy, LTU; Tao Xin, Beijing Jiaotong University; Jan Lundberg & Matti Rantatalo, LTU (pdf 1.6 MB)


Towards multi-objective optimization of a rail vehicle. Seyed Milad Mousavi Bideleh & Viktor Berbyuk & Mikael Enelund, Chalmers; Rickard Persson, Bombardier Transportation (pdf 2.3 MB)

Wheel/rail condition monitoring to support rolling stock maintenance actions. Mikael Palo, LTU; Per-Olof Larsson-Kråik, Trafikverket (pdf 4.1 MB)

Numerical prediction of track settlement in railway turnouts. Xin Li & Jens Nielsen & Magnus Ekh, Chalmers (pdf 2.6 MB)


EN standard 12299 for evaluation of ride comfort for rail passengers. Björn Kufver, Ferroplan (pdf 378 kB)

Wheel wear of a two axle freight vehicle. Carlos Casanueva, KTH; Per-Anders Jönsson, Tikab Strukturmekanik; Sebastian Stichel, KTH (pdf 828 kB)

On the optimization of railway switches. Björn Pålsson, Chalmers (pdf 667 kB)


Development trends for tilting trains. Rickard Persson, Bombardier Transportation (pdf 1.7 MB)

Investigation of RCF on the wheels of a three-piece bogie on the Swedish iron ore line via multibody simulation considering extreme winter condition. Saeed Hossein Nia, KTH; Per-Anders Jönsson, Tikab Strukturmekanik, Sebastian Stichel, KTH; Thomas Nordmark, LKAB; Nebojsa Bogojevic, Faculty of Mech Eng Kraljevo (pdf 2.1 MB)

Long term evaluation of track deterioration - application on the metro line in Stockholm. Johan Öberg, MiW Konsult; Rickard Nilsson, SL (pdf 704 kB)


Plenary session 17.30-18.00 in Mälarhallen (Chair: Roger Lundén, Chalmers)


D-rail: Development of the future rail freight system to reduce the occurrences and impact of (pdf 14.8 MB)


derailment. Björn Paulsson & Helena Wesström, Trafikverket; Anders Ekberg, Chalmers


Dinner 19.30 in Herrgården


Thursday 4 October


Breakfast 07.00-08.20 in Herrgården


Plenary session 08.30-10.00 in Mälarhallen (Chair: Anders Ekberg, Chalmers)


eMaintenance solutions for the railway sector - an overview of ongoing research at JvtC. (pdf 14.7 MB)


 Ramin Karim & Phillip Tretten, LTU



High speed train vehicle dynamics - challenges and opportunities. (pdf 1.7 MB)


Roger Enblom & Rickard Persson, Bombardier Transportation



Forskning och innovation - ett sätt att nå Trafikverkets mål. Helena Halvar, Trafikverket (pdf 1.4 MB)


Coffee 10.00-10.30 in Reception building


Parallel sessions 10.30-11.45 in Reception building


Room Nick

Room Jenny

Room Krister


Chair: Jens Nielsen, Chalmers

Chair: Tohmmy Bustad, Trafikverket

Chair: Jerker Sundström, Trafikverket


Benefits of weight reduction in high-speed train operation. David Wennberg, KTH (pdf 1.3 MB)

Wheel profile optimization for the iron ore wagons on Malmbanan. Peter Hartwig & Johan Öberg, MiW Konsult (pdf 760 kB)

The future challenges of the IP train as an adaptable backbone to new equipment and technologies - an open standardized architecture. Göran Lindblad & Peter Eldh, EKE-Electronics (pdf 846 kB)


New technology from a maintenance point of view. Björn Werner, Euromaint Rail (pdf 3.3 MB)

Equivalent conicity on Gardermoen airport line. Hallstein Gåsemyr, Jernbaneverket; Lars-Ove Jönsson, (pdf 2.5 MB)

Optimization of railway power supply systems - operation and design. Lars Abrahamsson, KTH (pdf 293 kB)


Taming the beast: Vehicle dynamics simulations on a 32 axle Schnabel car. Lars-Ove Jönsson & Nils Nilstam, Interfleet Technology (pdf 1.0 MB)

Health monitoring of wheel profile. Matthias Asplund & Stephen Famurewa, LTU (pdf 1.0 MB)

Field study of insulated rail joint degradation on Västkustbanan. Johan Sandström & Elena Kabo, Chalmers; Arne Nissen & Fredrik Jansson, Trafikverket; Anders Ekberg & Roger Lundén, Chalmers (pdf 1.8 MB)


Lunch 11.50-12.50 in Herrgården


Parallel sessions 13.00-14.15 in Reception building


Room Nick

Room Jenny

Room Krister


Chair: Hallstein Gåsemyr, Jernbaneverket

Chair: Rickard Persson, Bombardier Transp.

Chair: Mikael Wrang, MiW Konsult


Dynamic design of track transition between two different slab tracks. Tao Xin, Beijing Jiaotong University; Uday Kumar, LTU; Liang Gao, Beijing Jiaotong University (pdf 1.5 MB)

A pin-on-disc study of the rusts on wheel rail material and its influence on friction and wear. Yi Zhu & Ulf Olofsson, KTH (pdf 2.2 MB)

Gröna Tåget: Frontshape and slipstream for wide body trains at higher speeds. Astrid Herbst, Bombardier Transportation; Tomas Muld & Gunilla Efraimsson & Dan Henningson, KTH (pdf 13 kB)


EN standards 13803-1 and 13803-2 for track alignment. Björn Kufver, Ferroplan (pdf 399 kB)

Wheel/rail friction loss during tram braking when using MgCl2 as a dust binding agent. Kjell Arne Skoglund, SINTEF (pdf 1.5 MB)

Rail vehicle response to carbody excitations imitating crosswind. Dirk Thomas & Mats Berg & Sebastian Stichel, KTH; Ben Diedrichs, Bombardier Transporation (pdf 671 kB)


Design and maintenance of infrastructure - Tunnel constructions and cost reduction. Per Corshammar, Ramböll (pdf 576 kB)

Comparison of non-elliptic contact models: Towards fast and accurate modelling of wheel-rail contact. Matin S Sichani & Roger Enblom & Mats Berg, KTH (pdf 2.8 MB)

Experiences of measuring airborne wear particles from braking materials and the wheel-rail contact. Saeed Abbasi & Ulf Olofsson, KTH (pdf 4.5 MB)


Plenary session 14.20-15.00 in Mälarhallen (Chair: Sebastian Stichel, KTH)



Kapacitet i järnvägstrafiken - Nytt branschprogram för samordning av svensk järnvägstrafikforskning. (pdf 196 kB)


Martin Joborn, Linköpings Universitet



Closure, next seminar


Coffee 15.00 in Mälarhallen

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