About KTH Railway Group

KTH Railway Group is a multidisciplinary research centre with more than 25 years of experience. It consists of nine research groups, each of them representing one or more disciplines which together, in principle, cover all competencies in the railway area.

Photo: Oskar Fröidh

This unique organization is able to carry out major research programmes with a broad approach in collaboration with our partners, covering not only technical aspects but also commercial ones, e.g. market analysis.

Throughout the years, KTH Railway Group has improved railway systems and carried out high-impact concept studies, like for example Gröna Tåget . All these projects aim to increase the efficiency of railway transport and the competitiveness of the railway industry compared to other means of transport.

Today the Railway Group is invloved in about 10 Shift2Rail  projects.

For information, please contact director Sebastian Stichel, KTH:

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