Research Clusters

The research in ECO² Vehicle Design is brought together in Clusters, focusing on different cross-functional conflicts with aspects of system level and/or functional modelling integrated. During 2019 the Clusters will be re-modeled.

The Cross-Functional Conflict Clusters connect projects focusing on similar cross-functional conflicts, thereby supporting the strategy to tackle cross-functional conflicts, which has proven to be advantageous. These Clusters create a critical mass around a number of vehicle design functions of vital importance within the industrial partner’s R&D activities, and thus feed directly into the partners advanced engineering processes. Further, the direct inclusion of SME:s in the clusters and projects shortens the time to market, by feeding into the production and testing proof of concept prototypes.

The Transverse Clusters provide impetus to the implementation of the three ECO² Strategies. Specifically, they generate momentum towards an augmented understanding of the holistic perspective and the complex interdependencies of a vehicle’s transport function to its social, environmental and economic aspects. As such they target a significant research gap concerning the challenges of early-stage vehicle design in view of systemic changes, new technology and shift in innovation.

Each Cluster is managed by a member of the CMG and has an associated Steering Group, which consist of specialists and supervisors from partners, PhD students and other academic experts. Thus, the Clusters act as important connections between the partners.

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