Vehicle-road interaction analysis: Configurational impact on rolling resistance in heavy truck applications

Industrial (Scania) PhD student: Jukka Hyttinen
Start: October 2018

There is a conflict between achieving a low rolling resistance (fuel economy) and low vertical forces (road damage) while maintaining high lateral (handling) and longitudinal forces (accelerating, braking). Presently, there is no verified and accepted framework to assess the effect of new trucks and truck component designs on road networks, or to assess the effect of new road surfaces on fuel consumption and handling capabilities of trucks. It is necessary to develop a vehicle-road interaction analysis tool to enable a scientifically based evaluation of the trade-off between rolling resistance, vertical forces and handling. The aim is to create a new framework to evaluate rolling resistance of heavy duty truck tyres by numerical methods, quantify the influence of vehicle parameters on rolling resistance and find a way to choose the vehicle combination that has the lowest overall rolling resistance for specific driving scenarios.

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