Mobility scenario model: A model to assess design strategies robustness using explorative scenarios of future mobility

SME project (Modular Management): Colin de Kwant
Start: 2018

The project aim is to create a configurable model for future mobility scenarios. A first work package is focused on linking possible outcomes (needs) with underlying market traits and trends into configurable explorative scenarios for a mobility case. Two case studies are planned: subway trains propulsion systems and modular interior systems for small autonomous vehicles. A second work package is to use the scenario model for design, technology or architecture evaluation and support generating normative or predictive ECO2 scenarios for strategic planning and modularization. The objective is to provide terminology and an easy to use approach to generate explorative scenarios of future market needs for environmentally friendly and economically competitive mobility products or services, to provide a configurable mobility scenario model to assess ECO2 research ideas, strategies, concepts and architectures over time against likely scenarios and or robustness to multiple scenarios (wind tunneling).

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Last changed: Apr 29, 2020