Life cycle energy optimisation: A framework for sustainable vehicle design (LEnOp)

Associated project: Formas funding 70%, ECO2 funding 30%
PhD student: Hamza Bouchouireb
Start: 2017

This project explores how the Life Cycle Energy Optimisation (LCEO) methodology may be applied to concepts for balancing specific cross-functional requirements while taking environmental impacts into consideration. In practice, a life cycle environmental proxy is integrated within a multi-disciplinary design optimisation framework that can be used to directly balance environmental considerations against conflicting functional transport requirements. Steps in the project include: The development of a multi-disciplinary design optimisation frame-work, including both deterministic and heuristic optimisation methods. The exploration of the effect of different end-of-life modelling approaches. The inclusion of functional requirements of differing complexity levels and physical natures, such as: structural, aerodynamic and acoustic. The exploration of the effects of uncertainty on the life cycle optimal designs.

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