Cluster C

Coupling Shape - Scale - Structure

Project Manager


Bombardier Transportation, Volvo AB, Creo Dynamics

Overall Goals

For a passenger carrying vehicle, including the driver, the vehicle compartment consists in general of the components, body structure, acoustic treatments and interior trim. Traditionally, these components have been and are still until today designed, produced and assembled separately, each fulfilling different aspects of the protective functions, sometimes with considerable weight penalty anf frequently with poor manufacturing efficiency and ergonomics in the assembly. To alleviate this, an approach based on simultaneous consideration of several such functions is investigated. The main objective is to investigate the potential benefits that may be realized in a multi-functional, integrated multi-layered structure design.

Functional Conflicts involved

1/ Light-Weight Structures – Thermal Control – Acoustics & Vibrations Damping

A vehicle must balance light-weight structural support against insulating from thermal and acoustic transmission.

2/ Light-Weight Structures – Environmental impact – Payload Capacity

A vehicle structure must balance load-carrying performance against low environmental impact, and against high payload capacity.

Project Name

PhD student/

senior(s) involved


Eva Lundberg/

Peter Göransson

Per Wennhage


Juan Pablo Para Martinez/

Peter Göransson

Per Wennhage

Methodology for the conceptual design of sandwich panels for lightweight bodyshells 

David Wennberg/

Sebastian Stichel

Per Wennhage

Completed 2013

Eleonora Lind Nordgren/

Peter Göransson

Per Wennhage

Completed 2012
Aerodynamically-generated noise, models for propagation and design of counter-measures  (completed sub-projects)  
Design Methods for floor panels of sandwich construction 

Sathish Kumar Ramanathan/

Leping Feng

Completed 2012

Chris Cameron/

Dan Zenkert

Per Wennhage

Peter Göransson

Completed 2010
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