Cluster B

Coupling Shape-Air/Wind

Project Manager


Scania, Trafikverket, Bombardier Transportation, Creo Dynamics

Overall Goals

Throughout the project the main objective is to propose less wind sensitive vehicle designs, or rather avoid increased crosswind sensitivity even though the vehicles are made lighter. By making the vehicles lighter reduced energy consumption, greenhouse gas effects, external noise levels and track/road deterioration are anticipated. The less wind sensitive vehicle designs should be mainly achieved through alternative external shaping and suspension systems.

Functional Conflicts involved

1/ Power Generation – Engine cooling – Noise-Reduction

The use of an IC engine to generate power must be balanced against sufficient engine cooling and against low noise transmission.

2/ Light Weight Movement – Unsteady Aerodynamic Loading – Unsteady Motion Handling

Vehicles must balance light-weight low-energy movement against stability under unsteady aerodynamic loading, and against stable and smooth handling of cornering and varying surfaces.

Project Name



Anders Rynell

Gunilla Efraimsson

Mattias Chevalier


Anna Färm

Susann Boij

Ragnar Glav

Coupling of aerodynamics and vehicle dynamics in crosswinds

Niklas Winkler

Louis Carbonne

Gunilla Efraimsson

Lars Drugge

Annika Stensson Trigell
Completed 2016

Dirk Thomas

Mats Berg

Sebastian Stichel

Completed 2013

Nicolas Pignier

Susann Boij

Ciarán O’Reilly

Aerodynamics of vehicles in crosswinds 

Tristan Favre 

Gunilla Efraimsson

Completed 2011
Whole vehicle dynamics – crosswind rail vehicle

Ben Diedrichs

Mats Berg

Completed 2009
 Driver-vehicle interaction, crosswind 

Magnus Juhlin

Annika Stensson Trigell

Completed 2009
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