An inverse modelling method for metamaterial design

Co-financed project, EU-project AERIALIST 80% funding, ECO2 20% funding
Postdoc: Huina Mao
Started: 2017

This project studies a design-manufacture-test method to tailor microstructures of materials that can satisfy the requirements for a particular industrial application, e.g., stiffness, weight, acoustic properties. An inverse modelling method is proposed to estimate the material properties for different microstructures. These may then be manufactured using 3-D printing and samples produced from optimized designs can be tested to verify the application related requirements. The goals are to develop an inverse modelling method to estimate equivalent material properties, to design acoustic metamaterial structures to aeroacoustics noise reduction applications, to apply the inverse modelling method to design mult-functional material for industrial applications, and to use 3-D additive manufacturing to build micro-scale structures.

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