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Listed in aplhabetical order are all current projects at ECO2 Vehicle Design. Also visit corresponding page for each project for further information.

  1. Acoustic metamaterial: An ultra-thin damper for multi-low-frequency noise
  2. Algorithms for active road noise control frequency-domain and sub-band approaches
  3. An inverse modelling method for metamaterial design
  4. Assessment of fatigue in continuous fiber reinforced polymer materials for automotive applications
  5. Autonomous driving and motion sickness
  6. Development of a design methodology for battery electric heavy vehicle chassis focusing on modularisation and cost-efficient manufacturing of composite structures
  7. Functional modelling for design concept optimisation (FuMO)
  8. Life cycle assessment and eco-designing early automotive product development
  9. Life cycle assessment and end-of-life modelling in early stage vehicle design
  10. Life cycle energy optimisation: A framework for sustainable vehicle design (LEnOp)
  11. Microstructural modelling of acoustic dissipation in porous materials
  12. Mobility scenario model: A model to assess design strategies robustness using explorative scenarios of future mobility
  13. Multifunctional body structures: Optimization for resource efficient vehicle concepts
  14. Noise emissions from sustainable transport: Modelling and in-situ monitoring
  15. Numerical investigation of dynamic characteristics of ground vehicles in crosswind gusts
  16. Reference sensors for road noise control optimal positions from operational measurement
  17. Rolling resistance: Measurements and simulations to enable energy optimisation of vehicle-road interaction
  18. Urban acoustic monitoring devices enabling the post-processing and streaming of noise data
  19. Vehicle conceptualisation, compactness and subsystem interaction (CoSI)
  20. Vehicle-road interaction analysis: Configurational impact on rolling resistance in heavy truck applications
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