National symposia

  • Thomas D, Berg M, Stichel S and Diedrichs B, Rail Vehicle Response to Lateral Carbody Excitations Imitating Crosswind, Nordiska Seminariet i Järnvägsteknik, Tammsvik (2012).
  • Wennberg D. Benefits of weight reduction in high-speed train operations, 17:e nordiska seminariet i järnvägsteknik, Tammsvik, Sweden (2012).
  • Sjölander J. and Åkermo M., Automatic forming of composite aircraft beams, Swedish Production Symposium, Linköping, Sweden (2012).
  • Wennberg D., Stichel S. and Wennhage P., Modeling corrugated sheet with orthotropic properties and the effect of stiffened panels on a rail vehicle’s natural frequencies and modes, 16:e nordiska seminariet i järnvägsteknik, Nynäshamn, Sweden (2010).
  • Rehnberg et al, Skalmodellstudier av ramstyrda fordons stabilitet, Presented at Svenska Mekanikdagarna, 2009.
  • Favre T., Diedrichs B. and Efraimsson G., Detached-Eddy Simulations applied to Unsteady Crosswind Aerodynamics of Ground Vehicles, Svenska Mekanikdagarna, Södertälje, Sweden (2009).
  • Cameron C. J., Lind E., Wennhage P. and Göransson P., Multi-scale structural-acoustic optimisation of a multi-functional body panel, Nordic Seminar Computational Mechanics (NSCM 22), Aalborg, Denmark (2009).
  • Thomas D and Berg M, Measurements and Simulations of Lateral Rail Vehicle Dynamics with Large Suspension Deflections, Presented at 15:e Nordiska Seminariet i Järnvägsteknik, Hook (2008).
  • Cameron C. J., Wennhage P. and Göransson P., Development of a representative component FE model from a complete vehicle FE model for structural and acoustic optimization, Presented at Svenska Mekanikdagarna, Luleå, Sweden (2007).
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