Master theses and reports

  • Schneider C, Recyclable self-reinforced ductile fiber composite materials for structural applications Master thesis, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden 2015.
  • Lundberg O, Mobility offering for reduced environmental impact from road transports, KTH-ECO2 Report, February 11, (2014)
  • H. Salminen​, Parametrizing tyre wear using a brush tyre model, Master thesis, KTH Royal Institute of ‎Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, 2014.
  • ​F. Conte, Expanding the Brush Tyre Model for Energy Studies, Master thesis, KTH Royal Institute of ‎Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, 2014.
  • M. M. Davari, An Insight into Rolling Resistance and Tyre Wear: Fundamentals, ‎Modelling ‎and ‎Experiment, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Centre for ECO2 Vehicle ‎Design, ‎‎ Sweden, 2013. ‎TRITA-AVE 2014:01 [ISSN 1651-7660].
  • M. M. Davari, Wheel corner modules as an enabler for reducing environmental impacts, Internal report, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Centre for ECO2 Vehicle ‎Design, ‎‎ Sweden
  • Brundex J, Design of a prototype adaptive tire pressure system, Master’s Thesis, Work performed for Yovinn at KTH (2013).
  • Håkansson A, Analysis of structural dynamic properties of noise encapsulations, Master’s Thesis, Experimental modal analysis and noise reduction determination, work performed at Scania CV AB, Södertälje (2012-2013).
  • Varghese A, Simulation and estimation for optimal tire pressure in driving conditions, Master’s Thesis, Work performed for Yovinn at KTH (2012).
  • Perssson A, Active aerodynamic control, Master’s thesis, Work performed at Creo Dynamics, Linköping, Sweden, CFD simulations of active flow control on a simplified road vehicle (2012).
  • Krank B, Analysis of Stretched Grids as Buffer-Zones in Aeroacoustic Simulations, Master’s Thesis, work performed as part of studies at TU München, Germany (2012).
  • Bergman D, Transient behaviour of wake structures and their coupling to the pressure distribution on upstream surfaces, Master’s Thesis, Work performed at Creo Dynamics (2012).
  • Poulikidou S., Literature review - Methods and tools for environmentally friendly product design and development. Identification of their relevance to the vehicle design context, Report TRITA-INFRA-FMS 2012:2, Royal Institute of Technology (2012).
  • Nie Y, Environmental Impacts of Lightweight Train - An Introduction of Composite Sandwich Body Panel and the LCA Case Study, Master’s Thesis, KTH (2012).
  • Vergnaud S, Fastenings of Seats in Sandwich Railway Car Bodies, Master’s Thesis, KTH (2012).
  • Magnusson T, Conceptual sandwich-sandwich-steel joint design for lightweight rail vehicle, Master’s Thesis, KTH (2012).
  • Giavedoni R, Numerical Study of the aerodynamics of the Formula Renault 2.0 rear wing, Master’s Thesis, CFD (RANS) simulations in 3D of rear wing for a Formula Renault car. The work was performed as part of studies at ENSTA, Paris, France (2011).
  • Wennberg D, A Lightweight Car Body for High-Speed Trains – Literature Study, Report TRITA-AVE 2010:16, ISSN 1651-7660, ISBN 78-91-7415-591-4, KTH (2010).
  • Favre T and Efraimsson G, Effects of deterministic wind gusts on unsteady crosswind aerodynamics of road vehicles, Report TRITA-AVE-2009:76, ISSN 1651-7660, KTH (2009).
  • Klimach M, Optimisation of Apertures in Vehicle Carbodies, Master’s Thesis, KTH (2009).
  • Noring M, Virtual Vehicles III: Drivers for Future Transport Systems and Vehicle Design – ’The Width is the Strength’, Report TRITA-INFRA-FMS 2009:4, ISSN 1652-5442 (2009).
  • Braun C, Substructuring Techniques for Dynamic Behaviour Using Nastran, Masters Thesis KTH TRITA-AVE 2008:12 (2008).
  • Stenlund F, Acoustic modelling of radiated noise from a truck using BEM, Masters Thesis KTH TRITA-AVE 2008:2 (2008).
  • Rehnberg A. and Drugge L., Pitch comfort optimisation of a front end loader using a hydropneumatic suspension, SAE Technical Paper 2007-01-4269 (2007).
  • Svahn F., Dankowicz H., Jerrelind J., Bumpstop control of a vehicle suspension with bilinear damping, Technical Report, KTH Vehicle Dynamics, TRITA-AVE 2007:74, ISSN 1651-7660 (2007).
  • Favre T. and Thomas D., Transient Crosswind Stability of Vehicles – A Literature Survey, Report TRITA-AVE 2007:60, Royal Institute of Technology (2007).
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