Doctoral Theses

  • S.Poulikidou. Assessing design strategies for improved life cycle environmental performance of vehicles. Doctoral thesis, Stockholm, KTH Royal Institute of Technology,  ISBN 978-91-7729-108-4, TRITA-INFRA-FMS-PHD, 2016:04, 2016.
  • O. Lundberg. On the influence of surface roughness on rolling contact forces. Doctoral thesis, Stockholm, KTH Royal Institute of Technology,  ISBN 978-91-7729-145-9, TRITA-AVE2016:75, 2016.
  • J P Parra Martniez. On multilayered system dynamics and waves in anisotropic poroelastic media. Doctoral thesis, Stockholm, KTH Royal Institute of Technology,  ISBN 978-91-7729-172-5, TRITA-AVE2016:77, 2016.
  • Österlöf R. Modelling the viscoplastic properties of carbon black filled rubber: A finite strain material model suitable for Finite Element Analysis. Doctoral thesis, Stockholm, KTH Royal Institute of Technology,  ISBN 978-91-7595-902-3, TRITA-AVE2016:12, 2016.
  • A. Färm. Absorption of Sound: On the effects of field interaction on absorber performance. Doctoral thesis, Stockholm, KTH Royal Institute of Technology,  ISBN 978-91-7595-883-5, TRITA-AVE2016:09, 2016.
  • Schneider C. Recyclable self-reinforced ductile fiber composite materials for structural applications. Doctoral thesis. ISBN 978-91-7595-679-4, TRITA-AVE 2015:61. (2015)
  • Thomas D. On Rail Vehicle Dynamics in Unsteady Crosswind Conditions - Studies Related to Modelling, Model Validation and Active Suspension. Doctoral thesis. ISBN 978-91-7501-914-7, TRITA-AVE 2013:61. (2013)
  • D. Wennberg. Multi-Functional Composite Design Concepts for Rail Vehicle Car Bodies, Doctoral Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2013:20. (2013)
  • E. L. Nordgren. A Study of tailoring acoustic porous material properties when designing lighweight multilayered vehicle panels, Doctoral Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2012:52. (2012)
  • S. K. Ramanathan. Sound transmission properties of honeycomb panels and double-walled structures, Doctoral Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2012:20. (2012)
  • M. Östberg. Modelling tools for quiter vehicles: Waves in poro- and visco-elastic continua, Doctoral Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2012:26.Favre T, Aerodynamics simulations of ground vehicles in unsteady crosswind, PhD thesis, Trita-AVE 2011:82, ISSN 1651-7660. (2012)
  • T. Favre, Aerodynamics simulations of ground vehicles in unsteady crosswind. Doctoral thesis. Trita-AVE-2011:82, ISSN 1651-7660. ISBN 978-91-7501-796-7, 2011.
  • A. Rehnberg, Suspension design for off-road construction machines. Doctoral thesis. Trita-AVE-2011:39, ISSN 1651-7660, ISBN 978-91-7501-040-3. (2011)
  • Cameron C J, Design of Multifunctional Body Panels for Conflicting Structural and Acoustic Requirements in Automtive Applications. PhD thesis, Trita-AVE 2011:16; ISSN 1651-7660; KTH. (2011)
  • Lindström A, In-Plane Compressive Response of Sandwich Panels. PhD thesis, TRITA-AVE 2009:67, ISSN 1651-7660, ISBN 978-91-7415-447-4, KTH. (2009)
  • Juhlin M, Assessment of crosswind performance of buses. PhD thesis, TRITA-AVE 2009:25, ISSN 1651-7660, ISBN 978-91-7415-316-3, KTH. (2009)

Licentiate Thesis

  • Lundberg E. Micro-Structure Modelling of Acoustics of Open Porous Material. Licentiate thesis, TRITA-AVE 2016:24, ISBN 978-91-7729-040-7. (2016)
  • Hammar J. A Wave Expansion Method for Aeroacoustic Propagation. Licentiate thesis, TRITA-AVE 2016:86, ISBN 978-91-7729-215-9. (2016)
  • Pignier, N. J. Sound propagation from sustainable ground vehicles: from aeroacoustic sources to urban noise. Licentiate thesis, KTH. (2015)
  • Davari, M. M., A tyre model for energy studies in vehicle dynamics simulations. TRITA-AVE 2015:15, ISBN: 978-91-7595-598-8. (2015).
  • Parra Martinez, J. P., On the ECO2 multifunctional design paradigm and tools for acoustic tailoring. TRITA-AVE 2015:08, ISBN: 978-91-7595-460-8. (2015).
  • Lundberg O, Vibrations induced by surface roughness in nonlinear rolling contacts. Licentiate thesis, TRITA-AVE 2014:66, ISSN 1651-7660, KTH. (2014)
  • Österlöf R, Modelling of the Fletcher-Gent effect and obtaining hyperelastic parameters for filled elastomers. Licentiate thesis, TRITA-AVE 2014:47, ISSN 1651-7660, ISBN 978-91-7595-273-4, KTH. (2014)
  • Poulikidou S. Integration of Design for Environment in the vehicle manufacturing industry in Sweden: Focus on practices and tools. Licentiate thesis, TRITA-INFRA-FMS-LIC, 2013:01, ISBN 978-91-7501-956-7. (2013)
  • Färm A, Analysis of Acoustic Absorption with Extended Liner Reaction and Grazing Flow, Licentiate thesis, TRITA-AVE 2013:42, ISSN 1651-7660; KTH. (2013)
  • Wennberg D, Light-weighting Methodology in Rail Vehicle Design through Introduction of Load Carrying Sandwich Panels. Licentiate thesis, TRITA-AVE 2011:36, ISSN 1651-7660; KTH. (2011)
  • Ramanathan Sathish K., The effects of damping on the sound transmission of honeycomb panels. Licentiate thesis, TRITA-AVE 2010:21, ISSN 1651-7660, ISBN 978-91-7415-603-4, KTH. (2010)
  • Östberg M, Modelling tools for quieter vehicles: effective vibro-acoustical of rotationally symmetric structures consisting of visco-elastic and poro-elastic media. Licentiate thesis, TRITA-AVE 2010:31, ISSN 1651-7660, ISBN 978-91-7415-681-2, KTH. (2010)
  • Thomas D, Lateral stability of high-speed trains at unsteady crosswind. Licentiate thesis, TRITA-AVE 2009:79, ISSN 1651-7660, ISBN 978-91-7415-473-3, KTH. (2009)
  • Favre T, Numerical investigation of unsteady crosswind aerodynamics for ground vehicles. Licentiate thesis, TRITA-AVE 2009:68, ISSN 1651-7660, ISBN 978-91-7415-446-7, KTH. (2009)
  • Cameron C. J., Design of Multifunctional Body Panels in Automotive Applications. -Reducing the Ecological and Economical footprint of the vehicle industry-. Licentiate thesis, TRITA-AVE 2009:30, ISSN 1651-7660, ISBN 978-91-7415-362-0, KTH. (2009)
  • Adam Rehnberg. Vehicle dynamic analysis of wheel loaders with suspended axles. Licentiate Thesis, Trita-AVE 2008:15, ISBN 978-91-7178-908-2. (2007)
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