Organising research towards resource efficient vehicles

Considering the wider vehicles-transport system when designing resource efficient vehicles, there will inevitably be complexity involved. In ECO2 the projects have been clustered with this in mind. Listen to Ciarán O'Reilly describe this in the video below.

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  • Vehicle Research and Technical Cost Modelling
    13 Mar 2020
    Watch and listen to Mathilda Karlsson Hagnell at ECO2 speaking on cost modelling and efficient vehicle design. (Click for English subtitles).
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    6 Mar 2020
    Bringing together industry, government and academia is an important task for the Centre. Tohmmy Bustad is a member of the board of ECO2 and a represe...
  • Interview: Jukka Hyttinen
    24 Jan 2020
    Jukka Hyttinen is a second year industrial PhD student at the Centre for ECO2 Vehicle Design, and employed by Scania CV AB in Södertälje. His project ...