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SAMBA 7 – Track stiffness and track maintenance


Sources of funding

  • Banverket/Trafikverket

Research Direction

Track stiffness measuring wagon
Track stiffness measuring wagon

The overall aim of this project was to use measurement results of vertical track stiffness along the track to improve the track maintenance, in particular with respect to track irregularities.

The track stiffness was measured by a special-purpose rebuilt two-axled freight wagon running on the track at speeds up to 50 km/h and exciting one of the axles by harmonic or "white noise" loading. To some extent, results from ground penetrating radar was also used to suggest proper track maintenance actions or soil reinforce-ments.

The project was partly integrated with the EU project INNOTRACK, for instance by using the test wagon above on tracks in France and Germany.

Final report Samba 7 (in Swedish) (pdf 303 kB)