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Train Information, Management and Monitoring (TIMM)


Sources of funding

  • Vinnova
  • Banverket/Trafikverket
  • Bombardier Transportation

Research Direction

This project focuses on vehicle-track dynamic interaction and how it can be monitored, in particular from vehicle based systems. Phenomena that may vary along the track, for instance ride instability and ride discomfort, are of special interest. A case study with a Regina EMU train has been studied in this context.


  • Forsberg T: Condition monitoring of railway mechanics with focus on train ride stability. M.Sc. Thesis, Report TRITA AVE 2006:107, KTH Rail Vehicles, 2006.
  • Forsberg T, Berg M, Stichel S and Andersson E: Condition monitoring of train ride stability. BOGIE'07, Budapest, 3-6 September, 2007. Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Railway Bogies and Running Gears, pp. 271-280.