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Sound quality of external railway noise


  • Shafiq Khan (Project leader)
  • Dr. Jerker Sundström
  • Professor

Sources of funding

  • Banverket/Trafikverket
  • VTI

Research Direction

Sound quality measurement
Measurement of external railway noise

In this project, a study is made on human annoyance of different characters of railway noise, as radiated to the surrounding environment. This is made by recording sound (noise) from different types of trains and subsequently exposing these noises to human test subjects in a laboratory. The latter noises are normalized with respect to duration and A-weighted sound pressure level. The results so far show that there are significant differences in human annoyance from different characters of railway noise, although all these noises have the same A-weighted sound pressure level.


  • Khan S: Sound quality of railway noise with and without barrier – a laboratory study. Proceedings of 19th International Congress on Acoustics (ICA), September 2007.