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Modelling of rail vehicle dynamics


Sources of funding

  • Banverket
  • Bombardier Transportation
  • SL AB
  • Tågoperatörerna
  • Interfleet Technology

Research Direction

Wheelset structural flexibility
Wheelset structural flexibility

This project aimed at developing improved mathematical models for analysing the vehicle-track dynamics interaction. The work was focused on wheelset structural flexibility and track flexibility, and in particular with respect to wheel-rail forces up to say 200 Hz. Simulated results were compared with measured ones, both on component level and on the global vehicle-track level.

Two case studies were selected for the studies: An Rc locomotive and the Green Train running on two different straight tracks. Track flexibility was measured at both sites and the wheelset structural flexibility was measured in laboratory. It is concluded that both types of flexibility have a significant influence on the vehicle-track dynamics and should be properly modelled and included in vehicle-track interaction simulations.


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