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Make Rail The Hope for protecting Nature (MARATHON)


  • D'Appolonia (Project co-ordinator)
  • Researchers from 16 partners

From KTH:

Sources of funding

European Commission (FP7)

Research Direction

MARATHON is a three-year project, starting in April 2011, that will investigate the possibilities of making European rail freight transport more efficient through running longer trains. The focus is put on the scenario of merging two 750 m long trains, keeping the traditional pneumatic braking system. Radio communication between the two (groups of) locomotives is to be developed for a reliable and safe train

KTH will study the risk of train derailment at poorly synchronized braking conditions between the two halves of the long train. Multibody dynamic simulations are to be carried out for various train braking conditions, both on
tangent and curved track. In particular derailment through wheel flange climbing, related to train buckling and/or buffer climbing, will be studied.