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Gröna Tåget

In 2005, Banverket (Swedish Rail Administration) initiated the research and development programme Gröna Tåget (the Green Train). The overall aim with the programme is to develop a train concept and technology for the next generation of high-speed trains for Nordic conditions, in particular for Sweden.

Gröna Tåget

The train should be suitable for operation at speeds of up to 250 km/h on conventional lines and around 300 km/h on new dedicated high-speed lines.

To make this possible, co-operation within the railway industry is needed, in order to improve vehicle dynamics, carbody tilt, energy consumption, winter climate reliability, aerodynamics and acoustics, among other things. Also market needs, capacity and economics, as well as passenger issues are addressed.

Reasearch projects at KTH within Gröna Tåget: