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Railway vehicle dynamics and track interactions: Total regulatory acceptance for the interoperable network (DynoTrain)



  • Researchers from 25 partners

From KTH:

Sources of funding

European Commission (FP7)

Research Direction

The certification of a rail vehicle in Europe represents a significant element of both vehicle cost and time to market. The objective of DynoTrain, dealing with vehicle-track interaction, is to propose an innovative methodology via a computer simulation / virtual homologation that will allow multi-system network and route approval in Europe to become a faster, cheaper and better process for all involved stakeholders.

KTH is participating in three work packages: Track geometry quality (WP2), Contact geometry (WP3) and Model building and validation (WP5). There are two parallel projects to DynoTrain: Aerodynamics (AeroTrain) and Pantograph-Catenary Interaction (PantoTrain). These three projects form the TrioTrain cluster.


  • Bruni S, Vinolas J, Berg M, Polach O and Stichel S: Modelling of suspension components in a rail vehicle dynamics context, State-of-the-Art Paper of the 22nd IAVSD Symposium. Vehicle System Dynamics, Vol. 49, No. 7, pp. 1021-1072, July 2011.
  • DynoTrain D5.1: State-of-the-art of railway vehicle modelling and validation, WP5 - Model building and validation, December 2010.