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Capacity 4 Rail

Project Co-ordinator                   

International Union of Railways (UIC)


from 46 partners

(KTH: , , Bo-Lennart Nelldal, )

Sources of funding                       

European Commission (FP7)

Research Direction

To face the future challenge of increasing traffic and make the railway system more attractive and competitive, a step change is needed to guarantee an adaptable system, offering a high operational capacity with high reliability and resilience to hazards. This step change will only be achieved through a global and combined optimisation of infrastructure, operation and vehicle performances.

CAPACITY4RAIL contributes to this development identifying further actions to be taken and the future technologies and systems to be developed, paving the way for the specification of future railway technologies and systems. It will demonstrate that step change in railway infrastructure and operations can be achieved while maintaining railway services.

Capacity4Rail will carry out the following activities:

  • Study infrastructure solutions for conventional mixed traffic and very high speeds, reduced maintenance, and highly reliable switches (WP1).
  • Design modern, automated, intelligent and fully-integrated system for efficient, reliable freight operations (WP2).
  • Traffic capacity modelling and simulation, including the resilience to disturbances and improving the communication by offering real time information to customers and operators (WP3).
  • Integration of Advanced Monitoring Technologies in the design and built-in process for an easier-to-monitor (self-monitoring) infrastructure with low cost and low impact inspection (WP4).
  • Obtain a vision and roadmap for 2050, including scenarios for a smooth migration, assessment of the sustainability of the developed solutions. Build demonstrators and write recommendations and guidelines for all the involved stakeholders. (WP5)
  • Dissemination and publication of project results; training on project outputs; and exploitation and implementation of innovations. (WP6)
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