High-speed craft

High speed craft is an area in which the research groups KTH Naval Architecture and KTH Lightweight structures have built up considerable expertise for decades in close collaboration with industry and Government agencies. The objective is to meet the need for improved ship design and operation considering economic, ecological as well as social sustainability, by development of extended knowledge and improved methodologies. In addition to senior research KTH Naval Architecture currently have two PhD projects in this area.

Part of this work considers development of numerical and experimental methods, and performance of experiments in model scale and full-scale, for detailed studies of loads and responses for high-speed craft in waves. Developed methods and generated data are used in research on specific phenomena, such as slamming and related hydro-elastic effects, in development of design methods and criteria, and in commissions concerning concept studies and full-scale evaluation of new vessels.

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Model experiments with a planing craft in waves
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