Studies on bachelor level

The major part of the naval architecture education at KTH is on master level. If you are a KTH student in a civilingenjörs programme you can however get a first taste of naval architecture already in the third year of your bachelor studies.

As a KTH student you have the opportunity to get an introduction to marine technology in the third year of your civilingenjörs studies by taking the course:

SD2725 Introduction to marine technology 6.0 cr

Here you will learn about the the principles of ship design, worldwide seaborne transportation, and ship hydrostatics, stability, resistance and propulsion, in theory as well as in experiments. In a realistic project you will apply your knowledge and develop your skills by designing a ship to meet a certain transport scenario.

As a KTH student in the third year of your studies in any of the civilingenjörs programmes Farkostteknik, Maskinteknik, Materialdesign, Design och produktframtagning, or Teknisk fysik, you can also choose to do a naval architecture bachelor thesis. Here you should apply and deepen the knowledge and skills you have gained so far, in a naval architecture project. Previous students have for example studied: Wind assisted cargo ships, Stability and survivability of damaged ships, High-speed craft dynamics, and Ships’ energy efficiency.

The course SD2725 is a recommended but not required preparation for the naval architecture bachelor thesis. Both SD2725 and the naval architecture bachelor thesis are good preparations for the naval architecture master program, you can however enter the master program also with another background.

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