AUV manoeuvring simulation model

The ability to dock and precision manoeuvre is vital in order to extend the range and the operational duration of today's AUV's. This project aims to build a simulation model in Simulink to develop a virtual world simulator of different AUV manoeuvres. The simulator is then used to design and test various technical concepts as well as control strategies. This model will be developed during 2015 and qualitatively verified against experimental results from tests conducted in Mallorca during the fall 2014.


The simulation method and study will include:

- Hydrostatic model of arbitrary craft including at the surface floatation of a partially submerged body (geometry imported from CAD as .stl file)

- Hydrodynamic model including arbitrarily set on nozzles, fins, and propellers. The hydrodynamic coefficients and derivatives are applied based on experiments or simulations (eg. CFD).

- A control system to control the hydrodynamic model's position and manoeuvres.

- Qualitative comparisons with experiments from e.g. Mallorca HT2014 + any new tests during 2015.

- Comparisons with similar results from the literature.

Contact:  Ivan Stenius and Aron Helmstad (KTH)

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