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Licentiate Thesis


B. Blanco, 2017. "Railway track dynamic modelling", Licentiate Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2017:34. ISSN-1651-7660.


F. Botling, 2016. "Modelling and simulation of electromagnetic audible noise generated by traction motors", Licentiate Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2016:84. ISSN-1651-7660.

E. Lundberg, 2016. "Micro-structure modelling of acoustics of open porous material", Licentiate Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2016:24. ISSN-1651-7660.


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M. Afzal, 2015. "Numerical modelling and analysis of frictin contact ffor turbine blades", Licentiate Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2015:94. ISSN-1651-7660.

E. Zea, 2015. "Single layer near-field acoustic imaging in space-invariant reflective environments", Licentiate Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2015:74. ISSN-1651-7660.

N. Pignier, 2015. "Sound propagation from sustainable ground vehicles : from aeroacoustic sources to urban noise", Licentiate Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2015:67. ISSN-1651-7660.

L. Peerlings, 2015. "Methods and techniques for precise and accurate in-duct aero-acoustic measurements: Application to the area expansion", Licentiate Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2015:25. ISSN-1651-7660.

O. Kårekull, 2015. "Predicting flow-generated noise from HVAC components", Licentiate Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2015:22. ISSN-1651-7660.

J. P. Parra Martinez, 2015. "On the ECO2 multifunctional design paradigm and tools for acoustic tailoring", , Licentiate Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2015:08. ISSN-1651-7660.


Y. Song, 2014. "Properties of vibration and sound transmission of plates with stop bands", Licentiate Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2014:74. ISSN-1651-7660.

A. Rynell, 2014. "Acoustic characterization of an underhood cooling module for a heavy duty vehicle", Licentiate Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2014:70. ISSN-1651-7660.

O. Lundberg, 2014. "Vibrations induced by surface roughness in nonlinear rolling contacts", Licentiate Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2014:66. ISSN-1651-7660.

R. Österlöf, 2014. "Modelling of the Fletcher-Gent effect and obtaining hyperelastic parameters for filled elastomers", Licentiate Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2014:47. ISSN-1651-7660.


C. Weng, 2013. "Modeling of Sound-turbulence Interaction in Low-Mach-number Duct Flows", Licentiate Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2013:55. ISSN-1651-7660.

A. Färm, 2013. "Analysis of Acoustic Absorption with Extended Liner Reaction and Grazing Flow", Licentiate Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2013:42. ISSN-1651-7660.


S. Elsaadany, 2012. "Investigation and Optimization of the Acoustic Performance of Exhaust Systems", Licentiate Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2012:31. ISSN-1651-7660.

R. V. Nadampalli, 2012. "Interface Damping: Characterization and Implementation", Licentiate Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2012:13. ISSN-1651-7660.

H. Tiikoja, 2012. "Acoustic Characterization of Turbochargers and Pipe Terminations", Licentiate Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2012:07. ISSN-1651-7660.


J. Sun, 2011. "Rotating structure modeling and damping measurements", Licentiate Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2011:19. ISSN-1651-7660.

C. Van der Kelen, 2011. "Characterisation of anisotropic acoustic properties of porous materials - inverse estimation of static flow resistivity", Licentiate Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2011:14. ISSN-1651-7660.

Y. Elnemr, 2011. "Acoustic modelling and testing of exhaust and intake system components". TRITA-AVE-2011:51. ISSN-1651-7660.

E. Lindberg, 2011. “Vehicle Disc Brake Roughness Noise-Experimental Study of the Interior Noise and Vibro-Acoustic Modelling of Suspension Systems”, Licentiate Thesis, TRITA-AVE-2011:63, ISSN-1651-7660.


S. Kumar, 2010. "The effects of damping treatment on the sound transmission loss of honeycomb panels". Licentiate Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2010:21.

M. Östberg, 2010. "Modelling tools for quieter vehicles: vibro-acoustical modelling of rotationally symmetric structures consisting of visco-elastic and poro-elastic media". Licentiate Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2010:31.

E. Alenius, 2010. "CFD of duct acoustics for turbocharger applications". Licentiate Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2010:71.

A. Holmberg, 2010. "Experimental determination of aeroacoustic sources in low mach number internal flows", Licentiate Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2010:69.


Y. Jiang, 2009. “Noise from Train Cooling Fans”. Licentiate Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2009:03.

Y. Guo, 2009. “Investigation of Perforated Mufflers and Plates”. Licentiate Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2009:06.


E. Lind, 2008. “Predicting and optimising acoustical and vibrational performance of open porous foams”. Licentiate Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2008:37.

A. Kierkegaard, 2008. “Numerical investigations of generation and propagation of sound waves in low Mach number internal flows”. Licentiate Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2008:58.

Q. Li, 2008. “Transmission loss of vechicle seals”. Licentiate Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2008:65.


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M. Fraggstedt, 2006. “Power dissipation in car tyres”. Licentiate Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2006:26.

Download (pdf 3.5 MB)

J. Wändell, 2006. “Multistage gearboxes: vibration based quality control”. Licentiate Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2006:27.

R. Guastavino, 2006. “Elastic and acoustic characterisation of porous layered system”. Licentiate Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2006:32.

F. Ducret, 2006. “Studies of sound generation and propagation in flow ducts”. Licentiate Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2006:34.

Download (pdf 6.9 MB)

M.-J. Garcia, 2006. “Engineering rubber bushing stiffness formulas including dynamic amplitude dependence”. Licentiate Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2006:36.

K. Bolin, 2006. “Masking of wind turbine sound by ambient noise”. Licentiate Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2006:86.


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M. Henriksson, 2005. “Analysis of dynamic transmission error and noise from a two-stage gearbox”. Licentiate Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2005:34.

H. Rämmal, 2005. “Methods for modelling and characterization of in-duct sources”. Licentiate Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2005:38.


N. Baron, 2004. “Some acoustical properties of floating floors used on trains”. Licentiate Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2004:24.

È. Torra i Fernàndez, 2004. “Tyre air cavity acoustic modes and their influence on the automobile interior noise”. Licentiate Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2004:32.

D. Backström, 2004. “Modelling the flexural dynamics of sandwich beams using Bernoulli-Euler or Timoshenko theory with frequency dependent parameters”. Licentiate Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2004:45.


M. Boué, 2003. “Outdoor Sound Propagation under the Influence of Atmospheric Turbulence”. Licentiate Thesis, TRITA-FKT 2003:01.

P-O. Berglund, 2003. “Investigation of Acoustic Source Characterisation and Installation Effects for Small Axial Fans”, Licentiate Thesis, TRITA-FKT 2003:02.


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T. Elnady, 2002. “On the use of liners to reduce aircraft jet engine noise”, Licentiate Thesis, TRITA-FKT 2002:26.


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L. Nordin, 2000. “Studies of barriers and the influence of soft edge, shape and wind”, Licentiate thesis, TRITA-FKT 2000:35.

M. Dalenbring, 2000. “On Experimental MaterialL Damping Estimation Based on Vibration Response Models and Hybrid Modal Analysis”, Licentiate thesis, TRITA-FKT 2000:55.

M. Sjöberg, 2000. “On Rubber Component Frequency and Amplitude Dependence”, Licentiate thesis, TRITA-FKT 2000:56.

S. Nygård, 2000. “Modelling of Low Frequency Sound in Duct Networks”, Licentiate thesis, TRITA-FKT 2000:57.


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G. Cousin, 1999. “Sound From TBL Induced Vibrations”, Licentiate thesis, TRITA-FKT 1999:35.

S. Boij, 1999. “Mean flow effects on the Acoustics of Silences”, Licentiate thesis, TRITA-FKT 1999:37.


M. Pärssinen, 1998. “Generation of Vibration Due to Rolling and Sliding Contact of Rough Surfaces”, Licentiate thesis, TRITA-FKT 1998:39.


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T. Lagö, 1995. “An Acoustic Doppler Current Meter, Methods and Principles”, Licentiate thesis, TRITA-FKT 1995:26.


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P.E. Sandborn, 1993. “Predicting Hearing Aid Response in Real Ears”, Licentiate thesis, TRITA-FKT 1993:32.

J. Lavrentjev, 1993. “Studies of Two Problems in Flow Duct Acoustics”, Licentiate thesis, TRITA-FKT 1993:34.

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