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Doctoral Thesis


B. Wang, 2020 "Constitutive models of magneto-sensitiverubber under a continuum mechanics basisand the application in vibration isolation", TRITA-SCI-FOU 2020:19.


B. Blanco, 2019 "Development of new techniques for the numerical modelling of railway track dynamics. Application to rolling noise assessment", TRITA-SCI-FOU 2019:07.




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S. Sack, 2017. "Experimental and Numerical Multi-port Eduction for Duct Acoustics", Doctoral Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2017:30.

N. Pignier, 2017. "Predicting the sound field from aeroacoustic sources on moving vehicles : Towards an improved urban environment", Doctoral Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2017:25.

M. Afzal, 2017. "On efficient and adaptive modelling of friction damping in bladed disks", Doctoral Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2017:10.

A. Rynell, 2017. "An experimental and numerical study of an automotive cooling module", Doctoral Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2017:01.


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M. Farooqui, 2016. "Innovative noise control in ducts", Doctoral Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2016:58.

R. Österlöf, 2016. "Modelling the viscoplastic properties of carbon black filled rubber : A finite strain material model suitable for Finite Element Analysis", Doctoral Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2016:12.

A. Färm, 2016. "Absorption of Sound : On the effects of field interaction on absorber performance", Doctoral Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2016:09.


A. Hynninen, 2015. "Acoustic In-duct Characterization of Fluid Machines with Applications to Medium Speed IC-engines", Doctoral Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2015:86.

C. Weng, 2015. "Theoretical and numerical studies of sound propagation in low-Mach-number duct flows", Doctoral Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2015:30.

L. Zhou, 2015. "Acoustic characterization of orifices and perforated liners with flow and high-level acoustic excitation", Doctoral Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2015:26.


H. Liu, 2014. "Wave Modelling Techniques for Medium and High Frequency Vibroacoustic Analysis Including Porous Materials", Doctoral Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2014:51.

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E. Lindberg, 2013. "A vibro-acoustic study of vehicle suspension systems: experimental and mathematical component approaches", Doctoral Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2013:17.

M. Barbagallo, 2013. "Statistical energy analysis and variational principles for the prediction of sound transmission in multilayered structures", Doctoral Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2013:04.


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A. Holmberg, 2012. "Aeroacoustic characterization using multiport methods", Doctoral Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2012:76.

E. Alenius, 2012. "Flow duct acoustics: an LES approach", Doctoral Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2012:70.

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S. K. Ramanathan, 2012. "Sound transmission properties of honeycomb panels and double-walled structures", Doctoral Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2012:20.

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M. Östberg, 2012. "Modelling tools for quiter vehicles: Waves in poro- and visco-elastic continua", Doctoral Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2012:26.

R. Rumpler, 2012. "Efficient finite element approach for structural-acoustic applications including 3D modelling of sound absorbing porous materials", Doctoral Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2012:10.


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A. Kierkegaard, 2011. "Frequency Domain Linearized Navier-Stokes Equations Methods for Low Mach Number Internal Aeroacoustics", Doctoral Thesis, TRITA-AVE-2011:34, ISSN-1651-7660.


M. Henriksson, 2010. “On noise generation and dynamic transmission error of gears”, Doctoral Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2009:89.

D. Grishenkov, 2010. "Polymer-shelled ultrasound contrast agents: Characterization and application", Doctoral Thesis, TRITA-AVE 2010:04.


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R. Haettel, 2000. “Vibration Transmission in Plate Structures - Special Application to Train Car Bodies”, Doctoral Thesis, TRITA-FKT 2000:32.


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H. Bodén, 1989. “Characterization of Fluid Machines as Sources of Fluid Borne Noise”, Doctoral thesis, TRITA-FKT 1989:06.

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