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Steering System with Active Safety in Heavy Vehicles

Research leader:

Ass. Prof. Lars Drugge (KTH)
Jolle IJkema (Scania)


Dipl. Ing. Malte Rothhämel




Malte Rothhämel

Passenger cars use nowadays electric power steering which enables a more complex control of the servo and to create free steering wheel torque. Some manufacturer use even variable ratio steering which enables improved stability as well as manoeuvrability. In spite of heavy vehicles' dependency of hydraulics because of the steering forces, there are the same possibilities as for passenger cars to control steering wheel torque and angle.

The coupling of these new functionalities of the steering system with present systems like ESP and ABS or even other driver assistance systems like Lane Assist and Emergency Brake System will rise safety and vehicle dynamics. Further more, active steering systems enable to support the driver with information via the steering wheel. The project focusses on the tests of active safety systems in the steering system in heavy vehicles.


Rothhämel, M., IJkema, J. & Drugge, L.: On correlation between steering feel and handling in heavy trucks, F2008-02-047, FISITA World Automotive Congress, Munich, 2008.

Rothhämel, M., IJkema, J. & Drugge, L.: On a method to generate a word pool for
the description of steering feel, Proceedings of the 10th International Symposium on Advanced Vehicle Control (AVEC 10), Loughborough, UK, 2010.

Rothhämel, M., IJkema, J. & Drugge, L.: A method to find correlations between steering feel and vehicle handling data using a moving base driving simulator, submitted for publication.

Rothhämel, M.: Capturing steering feel - A step towards implementation of active steering in heavy vehicles TRITA-AVE 2010:57, Licentiate thesis, KTH, Stockholm, 2010.

Poster presented at the 2007 International Symposium for Vehicles on Roads and Tracks (IAVSD).

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