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Driver, goods and chassis comfort


Heavy vehicles of today are equipped with different suspension systems, which connect the main components as wheel axles, chassis frame, drivetrain and cab. To achieve good dynamic properties it is essential to use a complete vehicle perspective during both design and implementation of these suspension systems. The purpose with suspension systems is to minimise transmission of vibrations from external (road irregularities) and internal sources (driveline, wheel). The most common way today to optimise is manual tuning of the different systems on individual vehicle specifications.

Project goal is partly to identify and study critical factors for interacting suspension systems function and performance with respect to driver-, goods- and chassis comfort in heavy vehicles. Partly to work out methodology for prediction and analysis of suspension system influence on comfort.

The project is realised as a co-operation between Scania and the department of vehicle engineering, KTH.

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Last changed: May 19, 2009