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Cross Country Driving Dynamics

Research leader:

Prof. Annika Stensson Trigell(KTH)
Anders Bodin (BAE Systems Hägglunds)


Tech. Lic. Olof Noréus


BAE Systems Hägglunds
Gröna bilen


Olof Noréus


This project concerns driving dynamics of hybrid electric vehicles for enhanced driveability in terrain. The research will concentrate on principal design methods of a vehicle control platform including cross-country specific functionalities that will affect the mobility. This means analysis of terrain models, development of vehicle models that includes the terrain models, algorithm evaluation and development as well as sensor and actuator analysis according to specific heavy-duty environment. Both the physical properties affecting the controllability for a electric driven vehicle with in-hub wheel motors and a tracked vehicle with electric drive and electric steer motors integrated in a cross-drive transmission will be considered. This research is intended to investigate how control of the driving dynamics of hybrid electric vehicles can be used in order to enhance the cross-country specific functionalities that affect the mobility in terrain, especially in a heavy-duty environment. It assumes a complete vehicle development approach with multi-disciplinary cooperation.

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