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Autonomous Corner Module for Hybrid Vehicles

Research leader:

Prof. Annika Stensson Trigell

Research supervisor:

Sigvard Zetterström (KTH)
Bengt Jacobson (Volvo Cars)


Tech. Lic. Mats Jonasson


Volvo Cars


Mats Jonasson


If tyre forces can be controlled more freely, there will be a new range of possible functions and vehicle behaviour, that can not be solved with the conventional chassis. For normal driving conditions, chassis components for propulsion and steering can be used differently, and still, maintain identical vehicle behaviour.

This project seeks to investigate how this range of functions are related to the tyre force generation, and in turn, bring more knowledge into different chassis concepts supporting the tyre force generation. These chassis concepts involve components to generate propulsion torque and lateral tyre forces independently at each wheel.

Poster presented in 2006 (pdf 261 kB)
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