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iCOMSA - Ended 2016-12-31

The project “Correlation of Objective Measures and Subjective Assessments: efficient vehicle dynamics evaluation and new intelligent concepts (iCOMSA)” aims to find methods that will enable an efficient process for objective vehicle dynamics evaluation for both early development and during vehicle validation. Based on the detailed knowledge of the correlation between Objective Measures (OM) (from vehicle data) and Subjective Assessments (SA) (from driver rating) the aim is also to develop new intelligent vehicle systems built around the driver.


The underlying assumption is that these methods will increase the ability to move from physical testing to virtual simulation methods. This in turn is essential to improve the efficiency and quality in the vehicle dynamics development of new vehicles.

The project will focus on the following:

  • Further develop vehicle test methods for objective vehicle dynamic evaluations (concerning handling, dynamic active safety and steering).
  • Develop methods to correlate SA to OM regarding vehicle handling.
  • Establish and validate the objective and subjective correlation by physical testing during summer and winter and with driving simulator.
  • Gain increased knowledge of the connection between driver and vehicle regarding vehicle dynamics.
  • Gain increased knowledge of drivers’ ability to assess vehicle properties and behaviour in a driving simulator.
  • Strive to reduce the number of load cases and variants that is measured and tested with hardware using correlated subjective and objective data in early development (CAE).
  • Develop new intelligent vehicle systems capitalizing on the increased knowledge of driver vehicle interaction and methods for subjective objective correlations.
  • Acquire a database for subjective objective correlations to be used during project and after for further research and development.

These are of great interest to the vehicle industry due to the possibility to cut time during development and validation phase, gain valuable information for early development (front loading), achieve standardized validation and development within and outside the company and for VCC specifically meeting the strategy of “Designed Around You”.

Funded by:

VINNOVA, project number 2012-04609.