Education at KTH Vehicle Dynamics

We provide courses in the field of automotive engineering with focus on the components of a chassis system and the dynamic behaviour of a vehicle. We offer project courses and master thesis projects for undergraduate students and welcome graduate students to join our group for post graduate education.

Students during a laboratory class
A laboratory on barkarby airstrip for vehicle measurement and data analysis. Test vehicle: Volvo V40.

Today, the automotive sector is changing enormously. Within a couple of years the focus has changed completely towards a more efficient, ecological and economical future. The chassis systems of vehicle are changing towards a more integrated system, responses to the driver can be individualized between a comfortable or sporty behaviour and electrical driven systems becoming more important. This ongoing rapid development is initiated by the ability of high computing power, better vehicle behaviour and finally the climate discussion.

Due to this development the need for Engineers and PhD's with good knowledge in this area has increased. We want to provide the future demands of research and development with well educated engineers and researchers. Therefore our goal is to educate the students with both a deep theoretical foundation and the knowledge of state of the art simulation and calculation methods.

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