Sigvard Zetterström, Research Engineer

Sigvard Zetterström was a research engineer at KTH Vehicle Dynamics between 2007-2014. Formerly working as a technical specialist in advanced chassis technologies at Volvo Car Corporation, he developed the autonomous corner module (ACM). This invention enabled a broad and new field of research within chassis systems and vehicle dynamics. In 2007 he joined our division of Vehicle Dynamics, where he has been working on different projects and assists us with his experience and knowledge on chassis systems.


Chassis technology, especially Suspension and Steering (e.g. Suspension design and Innovation within SD2221)


Sigvard works on different topics within the area advanced chassis systems.


Office: Teknikringen 8, Room 042, Ground floor
Phone: +46-70-562 17 26
Fax: +46-8-790 93 04

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