Daniel Wanner, Ph.D. candidate

Daniel Wanner

Daniel Wanner is a Ph.D. candidate in vehicle dynamics at the School of Engineering Sciences of the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden.

Daniel Wanner graduated in industrial engineering (Diplom Wirtschaftsingenieur) 2010 from RWTH Aachen University, Germany. His main research interests include the over-actuation of chassis and driveline systems, generic chassis control and fault-tolerant control methods of hybrid electric and battery electric vehicles. Driver behaviour and driver-vehicle interaction during failure conditions are also a research topic Daniel works on.

  Curriculum Vitae (pdf 68 kB)


Daniel Wanner is primarily assigned to the research project "Fault-Tolerant Over-Actuated Hybrid- and Electric Vehicles" within the Swedish Hybrid Vehicle Center ( SHC ). The scope of the project is to analyse electric and other faults conditions occurring in hybrid electric and pure electric vehicles and accommodate these with appropriate control strategies. The severity of vehicle crashes due to technical failures shall be reduced and even potential vehicle crashes avoided in order to decrease the amount of fatalities and injuries. A detailed project description can be found here:

Fault-tolerant over-actuated hybrid electric vehicles

Project interview (SHC)

He is further working in several work packages of the European project EVERSAFE - "Everyday Safety for Electric Vehicles". He coordinates the activities of KTH within the active safety block of EVERSAFE and is responsible for a partial work package. The main goal of this project is to enhance active and passive safety for second generation electric vehicles. In the active safety part of the project, the driver responses on  typical electric faults are analysed in vehicle and simulator experiments. A detailed project description can be found here:

EVERSAFE - Everyday Safety for Electric Vehicles


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  • SD2225 Ground Vehicle Dynamics
  • SD2221 Vehicle System Technology
  • Faculty Advisor for KTH Formula Student , Formula Student Team of KTH.
  • Supervised M.Sc. and B.Sc. theses:
    • B. Grindoz, "Optimisation of a predictive drive strategy for a plug-in hybrid vehicle", KTH Master Thesis, Summer 2014.
    • S. Blaszykowski, "Modeling and implementation of a torque vectoring system in a formula student racing car", KTH Master Thesis, Summer 2012.
    • G. Jayakumar, "Modeling and Analysis of Fault Conditions in a Vehicle with Four In-Wheel Motors", KTH Master Thesis, Summer 2012.  Fulltext
    • Y. Liao, "Analysis of fault conditions in permanentmagnet in-wheel motors", KTH Master Thesis, Summer 2011.  Fulltext
    • J. Hag, "Wheel Corner Modules: Technology and Concept Analysis", KTH Master Thesis, 2010.  Fulltext
    • T. Johansson, "Utvärdering, validering och minimering av färdmotstånd hos Spiros ’11", KTH Bachelor Thesis, Spring 2011.  Fulltext


Office: Teknikringen 8, Room 3305, Floor 1.5
Phone: +46-8-790 78 05
Mail: dwanner@kth.se